Switzerland Last Minute tour

600 €  p.p.

On September 26 we will go with 4 senior couples (60 plus trip) to Switzerland for a beautiful city tour, including a mountain hike in Adelboden and a visit to one of the main United Nations headquarters in Geneva for an interesting tour. Sharynné often visits Switzerland and knows her way around here very well. This is a last minute trip from September 26 to October 1. From The Netherlands Trainstation Hengelo,  we drive on to Basel, where we spend the night in hotel Stücki. We dine together in Basel. The next day we have a city walking tour in Basel and we visit the Basel Zoo. a resume

Departure 26 September, return 1 October 2021
Day 1 Arrival in Basel and Dinner in the city (Hotel Stücki Basel) incl transfer, hotel, breakfast, excl dinner

Day 2 Basel Zoo and city walk  (Hotel Stucki Basel)


Day 3 Geneva United Nations tour with guide ( NH Hotel Geneve)


Day 4  Geneva city tour and shopping (Adelboden  overnight stay)


Day 5 Adelboden hike iincl. gondola to the mountain (Hotel Stücki Basel)


Day 6  return trip to the Netherlands with  restaurant  stops. Including return to Switzerland by bus, stay, transport, stay, breakfast tour to Geneve, Adelboden

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